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A brand is the place in the world acquired by a product or a service surpassing its competitors and the face of a firm in the world of trade. That is to say, it is the image of your firm before the consumers. It is highly important to locate such image on sturdy foundations. For this purpose, it is a condition  that no border in servicing will be accepted, that the endless and confidence-based customer satisfaction as the primary objective of the firm without and condition will be endured, and that, perhaps the most important one, it will be rendered a principle to bring quality to more and more perfect levels at all times. Otherwise, when even one of them is missing, the chemistry of the business will be deteriorated, your position, comfortable buildings, and investments that you have acquired by using much labor will not work, and they will not make you a brand.


In fact, there are numerous firms trying to become brands; we can even say that this has become a fashionable activity recently. All kinds of large and small-scale firms are producing ideas in order to be brands. They realize some of such ideas in their firms. However, branding is not a process that can be taken lightly. On the contrary, it is a substantial flag marathon that brings together in it extremely important activities, such as very serious planning, implementation, coordination, market segmentation, advertising, promotion, creation of brand perception before the consumers and of brand loyalty, and suitable allocation of the distribution channels in view of the respective sector; and that requires the belief, adoption, and devotion of the entire staff, ranging from the owner to the lowest level employee. The firms taking this issue seriously are establishing teams and hiring consultants, and they may spend thousands of dollars in this regard if necessary. However, in consideration of the results, we sadly see that all such works can become in vain.

In our Country, the number of the institutions that have attained worldwide success in branding works are no more than a few. Hence, firms postpone many branding works for a later period and they start acting to become brands on the domestic market. In order to be a brand, so to run such a long marathon, you must start branding work as of the first day of your foundation; or even when you name it.


When naming their firm, many globally known and branded firms contemplate about it for days and they use some suitable symbols as logos tallying with such name in order to ensure that it settles into minds and become easily pronounceable in any corner of the world. The only indispensible thing for a brand is a logo. Firms are known and reputed with their brands and their brands with their logos. Brand logos or striking and catchy shapes depicting the products and services that the brand promises to its customers and they reflect the brand image to a serious extent. From time to time, it may be necessary to renew the brand image in line with the developing and changing conjecture. As a best example for this, Arçelik, the flagship of the Koç Group that is one of the most significant actors of the industry of our Country, can be shown. Until the 2000s, in the periods when only the endurance and  sturdiness were determinative in the white appliances sector, suitable firm logos had much harder characters, and the firm applied serious image changes and the presently used logo was adopted in order to provide the brand with a softer and flexible image, upon the start of the determination of the customer preferences by the innovative products with the weight on not only endurance but also visual pleasures and creativity in a product in line with the changing conditions. 

In the branded firms, two significant concepts attract the attention. First of them is the concept we call innovation, which is translated into Turkish as yenilik. And the second of them is quality. Quality is in a position that it has positioned in the centerline of the relation between the firms and the clients and that steers everything. You must pay attention not to compromise quality at all times in order not to let the brand image be damaged because refreshment of a confidence shaken due to quality  problems is more difficult than creating a brand from scratch. Aware of this fact, serious firms mention it in their advertisements from time to time. For example, use of the saying “I prefer losing money to losing the confidence of people,” once uttered by the founder of German Robert Bosch firm in its commercials shows us the importance of this issue.

As a result, those wanting to be a brand must primarily know themselves well and plan what it is to be done. What we can suggest here is the SWOT analysis. Thanks to this  analysis, you must evaluate the opportunities and risks by seeing your strong and weak points and know your near, medium, long term management plan. As the second issue, it may not be possible to find the best employees. What must be done for this is to train the employees in  a constant and disciplined manner. The third issue is the advertising and social  responsibility  works. For this purpose, works must be performed in required areas with required amounts without wasting things. The fourth and last step is that you get rid of ordinariness and specialize on a single product. I recommend you to improve the work you are currently doing and not to waste your time and money by venturing into the sectors that you do not know.

Expand from the domestic market toward the international ones and introduce your product everywhere in the world, sell goods abroad, the easiest way of which is the world of the internet. Update your websites and open them to the world. Add the languages like English, Arabic, French, and Russian. Remember that in a world that is globalizing and where the borders are disappearing, there will be someone else in the place where you are absent. In a location where you are not present and stepped in, it will be impossible for you to claim a right. Your motto must be “I never say I cannot do it. I do it and I do it in the best way.” Without such motto, success will not find you and you will not be able to mention success.



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