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Mehmet Naci Efe

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Naci EFE

He was born on January 10, 1972 in the village of Adımova in the Hamur district of Ağrı. After completing his primary and secondary education in Manisa, he got into the Physics Department of Fırat University, Faculty of Science. In the second year of the faculty, he won the Naval Petty Officer Vocational School and continued his higher education here and successfully graduated. After serving 7 years in the Turkish Armed Forces (SAT - Underwater Attack Command), he left his beloved position in 1999 and switched to civilian life. In the same year, he founded “Ekol Group Companies”, one of the first corporate companies of the Private Security Sector.

Within 9 companies operating in protection and safety, training, occupational health and safety management, integrated facility management, cleaning, park, garden and landscape, sports, polygons (shooting range), including the first private Technology Development Center - CEOTEKMER.

Ekol Group Companies, with 9 provinces where the Regional Directorate in Turkey serving in 81 provinces, while abroad, Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubai, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sudan and including Afghanistan serve in 9 countries . The number of employees working within the Group is around 7,000 and the human power resources is growing every year.

Assoc.Prof.Mehmet Naci EFE, continued his postgraduate education along with his business life and completed his master's degree (MBA) in Beykent University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management and Organization and his doctorate degree (PhD) in Business Administration at Preston University in America and as well as Beykent University. He got the title of Associate Professor in the field of Strategic Management and Organization in 2019.

Assoc. Prof.Mehmet Naci EFE, actively participating in national and international business platforms such as Foreign Relations Economic Board (DEIK), Bosnia – Herzegovina, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Business Council Executive Boards.

As the President and the founder of the CEODER (Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Training and Solidarity Association), he provides Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Management trainings within the scope of the "Entrepreneurship Development Support Program" to entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in cooperation with İŞKUR - KOSGEB.

Together with KOSGEB and Istanbul University, it established the Technology Development Center (CEOTEKMER) in 2020 and made it ready to host new ideas and projects and plans to support start-up’s and investment companies for Turkey.

Associate Professor Mehmet Naci EFE, has got Wushu V. Duan and Aikido IV degree’s and coaches the 4th level. He is also the Deputy Chairman of the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Arm Wrestling Federation and also holds a 2-star diver trainer certificate.

Giving importance to continuity of education and knowledge, Assoc. Professor Mehmet Naci EFE has always been a good role model for the business world and colleagues for self-improvement. He is currently a lecturer in Beykent University Business Management Department and lectures in the fields of Management and Organization, Leadership, Organizational Learning, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Total Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, Project Culture and Business Plan Preparation at National Defense University in Istanbul.

Associate Prof. Mehmet Naci EFE has a good command of English, German and intermediate Arabic and Persian. He is also married and has 3 children.

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