Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Naci EFE



The accumulation of my academic career and business life so far; is to interpret and share with my friends and all people my mission, vision, and goals.

I wanted to share the developing and dizzying technological developments in the world, as well as the changing social events and ideas by combining them with my perspective and thoughts.

Everyone who will benefit from this site will make me happy, and it will make me happy to see that my savings are useful and to know that they will benefit humanity.

I would be very happy if my guests who came to visit the site share their comments and thoughts.

With my love, respect and greetings.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Naci EFE


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Ekol Group Companies, founded in 1999; Operates in 81 provinces and 485 districts with 7500 employees in many areas including security, education, electronic security systems, shooting range, occupational health security, cleaning services, park-garden (landscape).


Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), the foreign trade of the Turkish private sector, international investment, services, especially in contracting and logistics, execution of external economic relations, in this context, domestic and foreign investment opportunities in the research, Turkey to contribute to increasing exports and so on is responsible for coordinating the business development activities.


Business Education to develop their businesses manage and grow the skills of promising entrepreneurs, training, guidance, support, and encourage entrepreneurship by setting up a network with facilities such as supporting economic development in the Republic of Turkey.


Our Technology Center, which we established under the name of İŞGEM / TEKMER with the support of KOSGEB, is a service that will work with all its strength to develop the country by bringing many private universities and industries together and devoting itself to the establishment of new innovative collaborations. 

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